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Women Freemasons.

Posted by Sam Salama P.M. on April 15, 2009 at 5:59 PM

There are two groups of Women Freemasons.  There are Co-Masonry lodges, which admit both men and women and there are Women Freemason lodges which admit only women.


The members of Co-Masonry lodges and Women Freemason lodges take Freemasonry just as seriously as their all male counterparts.  Ascending the chairs is a much slower process than in American Freemasonry, as much study and a high degree of proficiency is required.


While "regular" Grand Lodges across the world do not formally recognize "mixed" Co-Masonry (male and female) nor Women's Masonry, in many countries there is a growing measure of mutual respect bestowed upon some of these groups, many of which use the same working tools, lectures and ritual as regular Freemasonry


Members of both Co-Masonry and Women Freemason lodges work toward the same Masonic ideals as that of regular male Freemasonry.  They wish to be of service to their fellow man and woman.


Le Droit Humain is an organization which admits women Freemasons to the craft, however they are viewed as clandestine within regular Freemasonry.  Womens Freemason Lodges and the Droit Humain generally recognize each other and are free to visit one another, although their rituals and traditions differ in minor ways.


Women's Freemasonry is growing in popularity around the world.  Since  the early 1900s, women's lodges have become quite widespread in France.  Internationally, women Freemasons now number in the tens of thousands and there are more than 60,000 women Freemasons in England. 

Features of Women Freemasons Lodges

Each local group is called an Obedience.

Membership is by invitation only

Everyone is eligible regardless of race, creed, ethnic background or sex.

All members are expected to actively participate or resign.

All gatherings are formal and not social occasions

There is no "G" in the Masonic symbol for Droit Humain lodges.  There is, instead, a star, or both a "G" and a star.

Le Droit Humain Freemasons Organizations (Co-Masonry) in the World

Le Droit Humains, which litrally means "Human Rights" , is the oldest Masonic organization admitting both men and women, is The International Order of Co-Freemasonry (IOCF),  was founded in Paris in 1893.

Le Droit Humain has lodges in Canada, the U.S.A., Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Japan.



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