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Ms. Ortiz CEO/ President of Sister Of New Corp. & Mr. Pavia, Executive Director
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Sister of New Corp has very important supporters such as : Govern Rick Scott, Senator Bill Nelson, Commissioner Jorge Eposito, Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Department of Labor Oscar Funtes, and Mr. Randy Holmes Director of union construction apprenticeship program in Florida.

As you can see our mail is very important to us.


On 9/26/2013 I contacted the Normandy post office located at


525 71st St Miami Beach, FL 33141

(305) 864-8155


The supervisor answer the phone, first she did not listen to my question, then she just hang the phone up on me, of course I was

upset and tried to file an complaint but at the same time I have some very important mail that I need to get early on Saturday, and I know that I can call and at least ask if I can come pick it up instead of having it deliver. I finally called the supervisor back first thing shes says is " oh you the person that hung up on me" , I just said listen I have some important mail that I need to pick up on Saturday I wanted to show her the pictures and tell her how the mail carrier leaves the mailbox wide open ( pictures below) , but again she was in an rush to get me off the phone, in an rude tune she say whats the address, and hangs up. Here comes the worst part, I an injured union carpenter in local 926, and no car, had to walk from 86th to 71th street, with an injured knee, to get to post office, I get there just to be told that I did not receive any mail, the person at the counter explain how he called the carrier and she said I did not have any mail. Saturday night at around 8:P.M. I received my mail along with the important mail I was waiting for, I feel like the carriers intentions was to steal my mail, and the supervisor set this up.

I have had a few other problems with the mail carriers that I have reported, I am concern since my 501 c3 is pending, and my case manger from Senator Bill Nelsons Office, will be calling IRS in behalf of Sister Of New Corp. Mail is again very important to us, I would get an P.O. Box but as an non-profit with pending 501 c3 we have not gotten any grants of of yet. It seems I am not the only one that has had problems with this supervisor.


The supervisor way of treating customers shows on her employees, when I went on Saturday morning to get my important mail I could hear the other the employee tell the supervisor " I just told him to shut up, and I walk away, the supervisor responds was " Thank you" , while dealing with an customer !


This supervisor does not appreciate having such an respectful job, and it is clear that she does not care that giving away over time pay for no reason is hurting the budget of the United States Postal Service.


Removal of this supervisor is very much needed, Miami Beach is such an beautiful place and most businesses in area are very friendly and peaceful, lets get that friendliness going though out!




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