SML308.MM degree03/09 SML308.MM degree03/09 Brotherly Love and Affection Newly Raised MMs with SML, the camera couldn't get us all in the photo. 31248596 Our Newly Raised MMs. From L to R. Freddy Naranjo, Jorge Landa Jr., Jimmy Martinez and James Feldman. 31248593 Bible signing W:. Brown's signing our new MMs Bibles, Bro. Alex Kovac and W:. Dale Stoodt in the back. 31248589 Bible talk W:. Young explaining the Masonic Bible. 31248591 The SS Rosean and our Secretary R:.W:. Rosean New addition to our fleet, The SS Rosean:-), held by R:.W:. Rosean. 31248590 MMs Newly Raised MMs with W:. M:. and Bro. Frank Martinez. 31248592 Happy times Newly Raised Bro. Feldman is flanked by W:. Young on his right and Bro. Kovac on his left. 31248595 Bible Signing. R:. W:. Rosean signing the Bibles, Bro. Levin and W:. Brown in the back. 31248597 Grand Lodge 2012 156842632 Grand Lodge 2012 156842633 Grand Lodge 2012 156842634 Grand Lodge 2012 156842635 Grand Lodge 2012 156842636 Grand Lodge 2012 156842637 Grand Lodge 2012 156842638